About Alia Bostonphoto

Freelance photographer specializing in family, kids, engagement session, and events, both public and private.Dedicated to preserving your precious memories in a stress-free professional manner. I am also a travel passionista! I involve the documentation of an area’s landscape, people, cultures, customs and history.

¬†Few facts about me…

– I was born and raised in the most beautiful mountain region of

– Maybe that is why my favorite hobby is hiking..

– I belong to the Tatars, one of the oldest tribal confederations in the world..

– I am proud of my Turks heritage, which has taught me how to treat
people with both respect and compassion..

– I ride horses and dream to own one..

– I love life and live in a moment..

– I adore kids and was a proud sponsor of a little girl from Guatemala
named Marie and I continue to participate in volunteer activities as
my work schedule permits..

– I love to create and i love to inspire! This gives me pure joy as I
preserve happy memories through photography..

So if you think that i can help you

Send me a message!