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Currently booking May, June, July  2018.

 SPECIAL – Mommy and Me Photo Session THROUGH SPRING season 

Engagement session. What is an engagement session?In most cases it is a casual photo shoot with your photographer. It is an opportunity for you to be photographed prior to your wedding, and see images of yourselves before the wedding day.However and essentially it’s a just a chance for a photographer to capture two people in love who wants to share it with the world, or even just between themselves.Engagement session takes approximately 2-2.5 hours.It takes place at location of a mutual agreement. Location can be your choice. It’s best to keep to one location so we spend our time shooting rather than traveling.Engagement session starts at $350.

Kids photo session.Kids’ photography is about capturing your child at their most expressive, uninhibited and mischievous. It’s about photographing a fleeting moment in their childhood that is over all too soon.But photographs of your children aren’t just for you. They’re a lovely memento for your kids as well. So at some point in the future they’ll look at these beautifully shot portraits and think about all the fun they had that day.In fact, Children’s photography is about creating a portrait that’s as much loved by your child, as it is by you.Kids session starts at $250.


Offering mini-photo session for busy moms! Everyone knows how hard it is to manage your little ones  once they just want to play and jump around and obviously have no aspiration to sit still and look at the camera lens. If you want to have just a few quick family pictures this session is for you! Starts at $150

FYI: For  better quality and detailed pictures longer regular session recommended.

Please NOTE:

Family and kids sessions are typically 2.5+ hrs long due to much needed kids breaks and their restless.

Family and kids session. Starts at $300.

Portfolio.Day in life. Starts at $250.

Events.Price is free estimated. To be determined based on scope of the project, hours, location etc.

Available as a second photographer for wedding sessions.

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